This Local Company Makes Furniture Using Only Local Trees

Cliff and Leigh Spencer have been back in Birmingham for just three years. In that time, they’ve started successful furniture business Alabama Sawyer, been named as the winner of Garden & Gun’s 2017 Made in the South awards, and repurposed hundreds of local trees (many of which would otherwise have been sent to a landfill) into expertly crafted furniture. In 2014, Cliff, a Birmingham native, came home to his city’s Design Week to pitch the idea of a furniture and home accessories line crafted solely from urban wood. Since Alabama has the second largest urban forest in the country, and Birmingham has a strong architecture and design community, the couple saw the city as the perfect place to make their dream a reality. In mid-2016, the family relocated and founded Alabama Sawyer. The brand’s design style is contemporary with Southern roots. The elegant pieces, ranging from massive rough-edge conference tables to octagonal ice buckets, largely use traditional joinery and clean lines to highlight the unique grain and quality of the wood used. One of the brand’s many multi-use pieces, the Waverly Table, is made from hand-selected urban timber that can be customized for size or finish to suit your space. Since the company relies solely on local materials to make its goods, Alabama Sawyer is deeply rooted in the community. As their motto says, “Trees fall y’all,” and lucky for us, Alabama Sawyer has figured out what to do with them. — Waverly Table ($950)


Article Source: AL.COM