Ori robotic furniture debuts in Chicago high-rise

CHICAGO – Ori, the robotic furniture system that moves to save space, is debuting in 45 new apartments in the Avenir Smart Suites on Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago.

“Introducing Ori products to the Chicago market at this scale is a true testament to the increasing need to maximize space in an ever-changing landscape,” said Ori CEO Hasier Larrea. “Working so closely with the developers of Avenir has created a unique and successful synergy that not only brings their vision to life, but (also) highlights the value that Ori systems are able to bring.”

Each of the 45 apartments will feature a built-in, movable system that adds extra storage space by concealing a bed when it is not in use and allowing the space to easily divide and transform into a dining room, exercise area or workspace when the resident touches a button.

The furniture system comes in two styles, original or slim, and two color variations, oak and white. It features an entertainment center, storage space, space for 50- or 60-inch TV, and a full-size bed.

The robotic components include the skeletal frame, mechanical muscle and software intelligence that allow the furniture to move when a button is pushed on the Ori interface, by using the Ori app or via voice control integrated with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Avenir offers four different studio layouts using Ori robotic furniture.

Constructed by Tandem Development in the River West neighborhood, Avenir, which translates to “future” in French, is a high-rise building designed with a modern aesthetic that offers units varying in size from studio to three bedrooms.

“Ori has enabled us to devote more floor area to usable space, monetized in more rent or greater marketability, and has unlocked greater flexibility in the allocation of all types of space in our developments,” said Jeffrey Hreben, Tandem Development manager. “We consider how we can fully integrate Ori into unit configurations that maximize architectural efficiency even more than an Ori system provides on its own.”

Founded in 2015 by Larrea and a team of researchers from the MIT Media Lab, the goal for Ori systems is to allow people to maximize the use of residences that have a small footprint.


Source: Furnituretoday.com