New Beddingo sheets use Velcro to stay in place

TEL AVIV, Israel – Since many people would agree the most challenging part of making the bed is putting on the fitted sheet, a new start-up called Beddingois hoping to change that by using Velcro.

“Beddingo involves two products: the Base StaySecure elastic strap that hugs the outside of the mattress with a Velcro strip on the corners and sateen cotton sheets that have their own corner Velcro to attach to the strap,” said Beddingo creator Yonatan Guy. “Instead of wrestling with a fitted sheet, you can simply pull it taut over the corner, and it will stay in place.”

Guy is an engineer who created the sheets two years ago after a request from his mom to make changing bed sheets easier. Friends and family members soon started requesting the sheets, and he left his job as an engineer to concentrate on making the Beddingo sheets full time. His sister and his parents joined him to start the new family business and set up manufacturing for the elastic base in China and the sheets in Israel.

The company launched a Kickstarter campaign in March that has done very well, raising almost four times the initial goal.

Pricing for the Velcro base, which only needs to be purchased once, is $35, and sheet sets start at $40. Once the base is on, it doesn’t need to be moved again.

“The sheets are made of 100% organic sateen cotton that’s been Oeko-Tex certified for chemical safety,” said Guy. “This means you won’t find any off-gassing or other nasty chemicals on them.”

Guy said he also specially designed the sheets with geometrically engineered arched edges so that they will never ride up on the sides. Also, the Beddingo sheets have a tag that indicates exactly how to put the sheets on the bed. The tag indicates which side is which, so Guy said there isn’t the issue of putting them on, then realizing they’re on the wrong way.

“People have asked about hearing the Velcro during the night, but the sheets were designed to stay tight and not rub against each other. So the only time you’ll hear the Velcro is when you take the sheets off,” he said. “With our sheets, it takes half the time to change the bed, and you never need to lift up the mattress.”