Mohawk positions Karastan for growth next year

CALHOUN, Ga. — Mohawk is underway with aggressive plans to expand the product offering and customer reach of its top-shelf Karastan brand by spring 2020.

And come the end of October, the company expects to finalize a key component of that strategy: the final relocation of its Karastan area rug production to Mohawk’s Northwest Georgia-based headquarter operations here.

Remaining at its original site, in Eden, N.C., will be manufacturing for high-end residential carpet, including Karastan-branded product, as well as commercial and aviation carpet, “which have been at that plant for quite some time,” Mohawk Home president Rocky Casteel told Furniture Today.

In 2015, the company invested in moving its commercial and aviation carpeting production to the Eden, N.C., site “because we began making more and more of our Karastan rugs in Northern Georgia.”

In fact, he continued, “for quite some time now” the majority of Karastan area rugs have ben produced in Mohawk’s Northern Georgia facilities. Additionally, all of the synthetic fibers have already been moved to Northern Georgia; wool is now being relocated there as well as part of this final step.

“This is just an opportunity for us to completely consolidate logistics, finishing, weaving and really gain synergies that you have to have in today’s changing environment,” Casteel went on. “We have to to be as competitive as we can. And as it relates to Karastan, we have more energy and growth going into this part of our business now than really we’ve have ever had.”

The move allows for Mohawk to leverage its resources at headquarters for the new Karastan product offerings within the area rug category as well as expanded services and efficiencies for the brand.

Stressing the importance of the Eden, N.C. site’s role to its business, Casteel added: “The people in Eden mean everything to Karastan and those people are still with Karastan today. We have quite a robust plan for that facility, with more investments and resources to offer them more opportunities.

More details on Karastan new product launch will be released later this year once details are finalized, Casteel added.