Marxent offers new option for social media image creation

MIAMISBURG, Ohio – — Marxent, a furniture technology provider, has released a new tool called Social Rooms designed to make it easier for retailers to design interior scenes and then export those images for sharing on social media channels.

“Social media content is a major pain point for furniture retailers,” said Beck Besecker, Marxent’s CEO and co-founder. “Social Rooms makes it possible to deliver fresh content on a daily basis. Marketing teams can do what they’ve always dreamed of, quickly launching social campaigns that match merchandising priorities using high definition renders without pre-planned photoshoots or professional graphic designers.”

Besecker said that with the Social Rooms tool, it’s possible to create images from multiple vantage points, move products or change colors around in a space, and show different rugs or chairs in the same scene or the same furnishings in a different floor plan.

Using real product SKUs, Marxent said its new tool enables an endless stream of inspirational scenes. Marketing teams are able to control the costs of rendering the images by selecting the speed and target budget that is needed.

Once the images are created, they can be shared as PNGs or panoramas for use on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media channels.