LampsPlus connects with consumers through YouTube series

LOS ANGELES – Lighting and home furnishings company Lamps Plus is using YouTube to connect with consumers after releasing a six-part video series called Renovation Inspiration that features interior designer Lori Dennis and her husband, contractor Roy Yerushalmi.

“We leveraged the popularity of design shows to create our own show following Lori and Roy’s project,” said Angela Hsu, Lamps Plus senior VP of marketing and e-commerce. “Our goal was to capture all the fun, difficulties, excitement and decision-making that goes into a major residential renovation project. Viewers can watch all six episodes on YouTube and gain insights from Lori that will give them plenty of inspiration for their own renovation projects.”

The series also highlights various Lamps Plus products used in the project including lighting, ceiling fans, furniture and décor.

The unscripted series chronicles the renovation of a 3,600-square-foot, five-bedroom olive green two-story home in the Marina del Rey neighborhood of Los Angeles to a three-unit coastal-modern style rental complex that includes two Airbnb rentals and an apartment on a tight budget and a three-month timetable.

The company’s brand ambassador program, which includes Lori Dennis along with five additional interior designers and influencers, is featured in several videos. The Marina del Rey season is the second season for “Renovation Inspiration” following a Bel Air client project, also from Dennis.

“In the episodes, you can get a unique sneak peek into what our lives are like on a daily basis as we manage the design process for a major renovation,” Dennis said. “My advice for a project like this is to be prepared for surprises and go with the flow. With a major remodeling project, there are always surprises, whether financial or with the timeline. Understand it’s just part of the process and keep moving forward. That’s what we did, and our project turned out well.”