Hickory Springs shifts manufacturing to focus on medical mattresses, metal beds

HICKORY, N.C. – HS Manufacturing, a division of Hickory Springs Manufacturing Co., said it has developed a new medical mattress that can be produced quickly at multiple facilities around the country.

The company also said it has materials ready to immediately manufacture free-standing metal beds that meet specifications required for emergency assistance sites.

HSM said it is in the process of shifting production across facilities in North Carolina and Mississippi to produce the new 6-inch mattresses that utilize a nylon cover that can be wiped and disinfected for sanitation.

In anticipation of a surge in demand due to accelerating COVID-19 cases, the company is ramping up capacity to initially produce approximately 4,000 mattress units and 2,000 metal bed units per day, with the potential for expanded production.

The company has established a temporary pricing program for both products that is below market price levels in order to support nationwide U.S. relief efforts.

HSM officials said the initiatives not only aid in the nation’s relief efforts, but they also give some of the company’s workforce a measure of normalcy and sustainable activity at a time when manufacturing demand has softened as a result of temporary retail closures across the country.

The foam and spring mattresses utilize components from HSM’s spring, metal and wire plants in Hickory, supporting demand and capacity utilization at those locations, officials said.

“This is a time of national emergency, and we want to deploy all the resources of our organization to help our nation,” said Michael W. Hinshaw Jr., chief operating officer at HSM. “As one of the largest suppliers of OEM mattresses and mattress components for the bedding industry, we have the expertise and capabilities to produce these products quickly and efficiently to help address health care facility bed shortages as well as provide temporary sleep surfaces for emergency and overflow hospital sites nationally.

“In this unprecedented time, we are faced with many challenges, but as a company we are focusing all of our efforts on helping those in need, while also supporting the well-being of our employees by taking extra sanitary precautions for elevated cleanliness and adhering to workforce distancing guidelines as directed by the CDC and the WHO,” he added.


Source: Furnituretoday