Dr. Oz Good Life launches sleep brand

LOGAN, Utah — The Dr. Oz Good Life brand — a partnership between consumer goods company Maven and popular talk show host Dr. Mehmet Oz — launches today.

The new brand is a full line of sleep products including adjustable bed bases, mattresses, toppers, pillows and bedding items such as protectors, comforters and weighted blankets.

Launching as an omnichannel brand, Dr. Oz Good Life products will be available in Macy’s retail stores and on the QVC network. Customers can shop online today at drozsleep.com and in the future on macys.com and qvc.com.

“Dr. Oz brings an incredible amount of name recognition to the sleep category,” said Mark Thatcher, vice president of business development at Maven. “He worked closely with our product development team to introduce the latest science and innovation to sleep products.”

Maven and Dr. Oz were especially interested in bringing adjustable bed bases into the spotlight.

“If you’re sleeping flat, you’re sleeping wrong,” said Dr. Oz. “The benefits of sleeping elevated include reduced snoring, acid reflux and back pain. But we’re taking it one step further by introducing sleep systems: an adjustable bed base and mattress pairing that helps people sleep better every night.

“There has never been a more crucial time for people to focus on better sleep and a cleaner sleep space,” Dr. Oz added. “My goal is to democratize better sleep by providing comfortable, high-quality bedding at prices that families can actually afford.”


Source: Furnituretoday