Design Kollective’s new partnership helps designers shop local

SALT LAKE CITY – Design Kollective, a high-end curated online home furnishings marketplace, has partnered with DesignerLogic, a cloud-based interior design platform to offer interior designers a more seamless project management experience and connection to independent suppliers.

“Our mission is to make it possible for smaller home furnishing shops to thrive in today’s evolving e-commerce environment,” said Lynsey Humphrey, CEO and founder of Design Kollective.

Humphrey said navigating through hundreds or thousands of suppliers to find just the right products is time consuming for an interior designer, particularly when a project calls for a last-minute item or a client wants to view the item in person before making a decision.

The new relationship between the two companies will help interior designers to ship and track orders from vendors that normally would not have an online footprint, in order to save time and enable more diversity in design choices. Designers will now be able to order from independent retailers by using the “search local” feature in order to find nearby stores with available product.

“Interior designers face a wave of technological disruption that’s shifting creative and financial control away from the beating heart of this industry: the designers themselves,” said Kevin Law, owner and founder of DesignerLogic. “Our goal is to strengthen the relationship between designers and independent suppliers and make the business of design personal again.”

Design Kollective aggregates in-stock, ready-to-ship items from more than 200 independent brick-and-mortar retailers across the U.S. in one curated digital storefront in order to empower the local retail community to connect with buyers.