Badcock launches full e-commerce site

MULBERRY, Fla. – Top 100 company Badcock Home Furniture &more has fully launched e-commerce on its website and is now offering for sale online all product lines that are currently available through its brick-and-mortar stores.

“Having an e-commerce offering was an obvious and important need for our company to continue to grow. Even though we are a company with a rich and long heritage, we have to make sure to continuously adapt to meet our customer where they are,” said Rob Burnette, Badcock’s CEO and president. “Right now, and in the future, our customers are online and have expectations that we are as well.”

The company quietly rolled out its new cart and checkout functions at the beginning of May as part of a testing phase in order to ensure a seamless and positive customer experience before spotlighting its new capabilities to the public.

Burnette said customers can visit the website to browse merchandise, gain product knowledge, read reviews, finalize purchases, and schedule delivery from their local Badcock store. Customers are also able to see which stores in their area have the desired products on display. This allows the customer to view items in person in order to finalize purchasing decisions.

The company partnered with Storis, a provider of retail software solutions and services to the home furnishings industry, to bring the e-commerce site to life.

“E-commerce closes the loop for us for our customers’ journeys,” said Barb Scherer, vice president of marketing for Badcock. “As we continue to evolve how we engage with home furnishings shoppers through more digital channels, it’s important that the brand itself become omnichannel to adapt to their behaviors and meet their needs.”

With 367 corporate and associate dealer stores, Badcock employs more than 2,400 employees in eight southeastern states, carrying furniture, appliances, bedding, electronics, home office, accessories and seasonal items.