A Half-Billion-Dollar Opportunity

Technology.  It’s changing the way the world lives.  The combination of smart homes and tech-savvy consumers has revolutionized product offerings in just about every facet of home furnishings and robotic massage chairs is no exception.

With the growing demand from consumers consumed by changing health and wellness habits, the market for these products has exploded and Cozzia is at the forefront with technology and a product line that address the needs of consumer with health and wellness concerns.

These consumers, especially Baby Boomers, want to live active, fulfilling lives, they want in-home wellness solutions, and they are investing in products that embrace their lifestyle.  It all adds up to an expected $550 million U.S. market for massage chairs. For retailers who want to be a part of this growth, Cozzia USA is the only choice.

An R&D Commitment And The Capacity To Back It Up

As a subsidiary of Ogawa Smart Healthcare and Technology Group Co., Ltd., Cozzia is the only massage chair brand in the United States that’s owned by the factory. The resources that come with that relationship make Cozzia the dominant leader in the U.S. market.

It starts with production capacity. Ogawa’s 860,000 square-foot factory in China is designed to handle production of one million massage chairs per year.  And it ends with an 800-strong team of R&D specialists who work closely with researchers and healthcare providers to develop technologies that meet the consumer demand for innovative, therapeutic massage chairs.  The result is more than 500 patents and innovations that continually reshape the industry.

94% Of Consumers Cite Massage Functions And Technology As Influential Reasons To Purchase Robotic Massage Chairs

Research shows that the stress level of today’s consumer is at an all-time high, with 80% of U.S. adults saying they have experienced at least one symptom of stress in the preceding month.  It’s no wonder, then, that the global economy has seen such a rise in the demand for health and wellness products; and, in turn, that consumers are turning to robotic massage chairs as a solution.

Technology That Changed The Game

Cozzia Chairs - technology

To provide a truly therapeutic experience, a massage chair needs to be able to replicate the touch of a professional masseuse. That’s the thinking behind Cozzia’s 4D Variomotion Technology.  Available on select chairs, 4D Variomotion Technology simulates a massage therapist’s hands, moving up and down the back, side to side, and applying speed and depth in a single stroke.

It’s just one of many new features unique to Cozzia products.  Cozzia also offers a Smart Start dial, as well as a total user interface through touchpad technology. Both allow the consumer a streamlined ease of use, a quick adjustment solution and a means to a custom-tailored massage.

Retail Partnerships That Work

For all of the technological leadership, production capacity, and service capabilities Cozzia offers, it would mean nothing without the partnership of brick-and-mortar retailers.  The Cozzia USA brand was literally built around this idea, and it’s why the company is so committed to their symbiotic relationship with retailers.

Programs And Promotions That Close The Sale 

Cozzia massage chairs alone can generate revenue growth for retailers. But when they are placed in an experiential environment that generates excitement, that’s where the real opportunity lies.

That’s the thinking behind the Cozzia Wellness Centers – an  in-store dealer gallery available to retailers. Consisting of digital signage, merchandising, and, of course, product displays, the Wellness Centers are designed to capture consumers’ attention, draw them in, and entice them to try Cozzia products.

Plus, these galleries are backed by an extensive RSA training module where sales associates learn the Cozzia value proposition, how to talk with consumers about these products and demonstrate them firsthand.  That, along with an aggressive nationwide promotion strategy, drive traffic and grow sales.